What we want: residential real estate in Berlin and secondary cities

Westgrund AG is a listed real estate company with a focus on residential real estate in Germany. Our business activities are concentrated on the strategic upgrading and management of a cash-flow generating property portfolio. Our acquisition criteria are clearly defined.
Acquisition criteria
We are interested in acquiring housing complexes from 200 units upwards if they are predominantly residential real estate. Our geographical focus lies on Berlin (including surroundings) and medium-sized cities in in the north and east of Germany.
The portfolio should generate a positive cash flow. The purchase price should be around 11.5 times the current net annual rent. The share of commercial space should not exceed 20 percent of the portfolio, measured in terms of rental revenue.
Actual share of rented out units to total units must not be below 75 percent. The complex should be located in a good micro-location and be embedded in a solid infrastructure. Modernisation and maintenance cost should fall into an average range. We are not interested in objects that need complete refurbishment.
Required documents
In order to be able to validate an offer, certain documents are required. We would ask you for a synopsis of the main features of the object, such as location, address, size, site map, settings, year of construction etc.
Best to send us all these details in an excel sheet including also data on the gross and net rental revenue, tenancy start and end dates, rental arrears and fluctuation rates.
Moreover, photos of the property and its location are essential. If the complex has been constructed with public funding, we need to check the (Bewilligungsbescheid) authorisation statement and credit agreement. If you are a real estate agent, please also send us proof of the sales assignment from the owner.

Your offer is welcome by email to: ankauf@westgrund.de

Click Download PDF to see the acquisition profile: 2012 Geschäftsbericht