On April 23, 2014, Westgrund offered a convertible bond with a due date of April 22, 2016 bearing a coupon of 5 % on the nominal value. After the capital increase in September 2014 the conversion ratio amounts to a nominal EUR 3.14 per share. All 19,860,000 partial debentures were placed in the form of a private placement and by means of a book-building process subject to shareholders exercising their subscription rights.

The capital raised via this bond issue was used to finance the further growth through acquisitions and for general business purposes.

IKB Deutsche Industriebank AG and the Baader Bank AG jointly managed the bond issue. The IKB Deutsche Industriebank AG also functioned as Global Coordinator.

Convertible bond
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Offer 40 kB2012 Geschäftsbericht
Conditions316 kB2011 Geschäftsbericht